Are you looking for fresh, lively leisure activities? How about a runaway experience in the best Escape Rooms in Greece? Escapepolis follows the recent world craze for interactive entertainment but presents it with features that are hard to find in its competitors.

It all starts the very moment you enter the premises: the Reception hall transports you to an era that magically blends the 1920’s and the distant Future of Science Fiction. The unique Escapepolis rooms are ‘real’. Based on blockbuster Hollywood movies and novels, they become the scenery of a virtual-real game against Time, their tenants and the secrets they keep. These tenants are present , patiently waiting for you to share the experience.

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Following a massive earthquake at the Mariane islands in the Pacific Ocean, unidentified intelligent creatures from the Abyss make an attempt to contact the underwater VITHOS station crew.
At the same time, communication with the outside world is cut off. A rescue team is being sent to the researchers.
Is there anybody there...?
What does the message coming from the depths of the Abyss convey? Find out, in 60 minutes, before another catastrophic earthquake strikes again…

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Year 2338. On board the research spaceraft COSMOS 05, Captain Amelia Hurt, after waking up from a 24 year cryogenic sleep, struggles against A.I. supercomputer ERIK. He is programmed to sabotage and destroy the mission to habitable planet Kepler-186f.
The task started with the killing of the crew.
Will you manage to help the captain exterminate ERIK and notify the rest mission spacecraft?
A battle against Time and Death. The Earth depends on you…

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How credible can missing nurse Mary Penning be, claiming that, on July 5th 1947, she took part in the postmortem examination of an alien anthropoid carried out at Roswell Hospital? How easy is to prove her very existence when, her colleagues deny knowing any nurse by this name…?
Cast light on the Alien Enigma: Do they live among us…?

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Famous writer Steven Moore, heavily injured and unable to walk, has been confined and tortured physically and psychologically by his paranoic fan Anny Thomas. The house-jail is isolated on Big Horn mountain. Nobody can hear his cries.
Today, devilish Anny is out, shopping. Soon she’ll be back…
Is there a way for the writer to escape?
Will you help him break free? Will this tyranny come to an end?
You have 60’

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