Are you looking for fresh, lively leisure activities? How about a runaway experience in the best Escape Rooms in Greece? Escapepolis follows the recent world craze for interactive entertainment but presents it with features that are hard to find in its competitors.

It all starts the very moment you enter the premises: the Reception hall transports you to an era that magically blends the 1920’s and the distant Future of Science Fiction. The unique Escapepolis rooms are ‘real’. Based on blockbuster Hollywood movies and novels, they become the scenery of a virtual-real game against Time, their tenants and the secrets they keep. These tenants are present , patiently waiting for you to share the experience.

The amazing settings are designed based on models of the greatest studios: secret passages, hidden rooms, atmospheric music, special effects created by experts. Devilish riddles on the one, trapped “heroes” trying to solve them in order to escape on the other; all this constitutes the perfect scheme of action-escape from reality.

Showing respect for the players, Escapepolis pays special attention to safety as a parameter of its games. Adhering to safety rules and surveillance of game spaces, contribute to your enjoyment.

Welcome then… The countdown has begun… The door locks behind you… Brain on the alert, all senses keen… Within 60 minutes you have to locate and combine the clues that will solve the riddle of your escape…

Set your imagination free ! Experience the adventure ! You are not spectators, you are the protagonists…

Don’t miss it !