Paris, the Eiffel Tower, 1923.Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the famous tower, invites you, his trustworthy, childhood friends to share his worry over the threatening letters he has been receiving lately. And while you respond to his call and await to meet him, a loud quarrel and shooting heard from next door fill you with terror and creepy questions. Fear, agony, action and speed in a powerful thriller with victims and perpetrators.

Sounds from shooting wreak havoc in the premises, forcing the security to announce the closure of the tower-at least until they discover where the shooting came from. However, you, Gustave’s friends, are determined to find out what exactly happened and whether your friend is involved in this mysterious case. So you secretly enter the reception only to face a horrific truth: you witness a murder.

But who is the victim and who the perpetrator? Surprises come one after the other and soon the killer turns against you.

In your effort to shed light on the case you are threatened by the killer. For now, your primary goal is to survive. And why only for now? Because later on, you will be faced with the authorities, as primary suspects in this mysterious murder.

The game leads you to doubts and dead ends. Time is not on your side.

Think cleverly, act carefully and, mainly, work as a team to unfold the mystery before anyone else.

Your only hope is to prove your innocence, collecting all evidence that lead to the real murderer.

But is this enough, or you must bear something else in mind?